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new 2020 dmx interfaces

by sunlite

From the simple SUNLITE-BC, to the powerful SUNLITE-FC, there is a SUNLITE package to fit your needs.

Featuring the SUT (Smart Upgrade Technology) technology, the all new SUNLITE interfaces can be upgraded at any time with more DMX channels, Art-Net universes or software licences ...

Based on our new generation of DMX interfaces SIUDI-11, the SUNLITE-EC and SUNLITE-FC interfaces make you ready for the new decade!

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sunlite packages

The Sunlite Suite 3 software is free to download, but requires a Sunlite USB or Ethernet interface to be connected to convert the control data from the software to DMX which the lights can understand.

Sunlite Suite 3 is available in Express and Full mode. Express mode users can purchase the FULL mode extension for their SUT interface at any time.

If working under EXPRESS mode, Sunlite SUITE 3 does not allow the use of AUDIO/VIDEO, the sync with Midi Time Code nor the use of time triggers.
Having said that, the EXPRESS mode can be enough for most of the applications.

Time triggers, multimedia (AUDIO and VIDEO), Midi Time Code sync...Everything is available, you will not need to buy any extension to take benefit of the software power. The FULL mode can be required should you want to build a fully synchronized show.

Compatible SUNLITE interfaces ** are listed below:

sunlite-bc sunlite-ec sunlite-fc
Price (excluding VAT) 199€ / $249 499€ / $599 749€ / $799
Housing Plastic Plastic Metal
RDM optional* optional*
Connector USB Type-C USB Type-C USB Type-B
DMX channels 256 (exp. to 512)* 1024 (exp. to 2048) 1536 (exp. to 2048)
ArtNet channels option* option* 512*
Sunlite Suite 2 (PC) express (see above)* express (see above)* full
Sunlite Suite 3 (PC) express (see above)* express (see above)* full
ESA2 (PC, Mac) optional*
Legacy Sunlite software (PC)
MIDI triggers
EasyRemote app
Buttons 10
DMX channels 128 (exp. to 512)* 512 (exp. to 2048)* 512 (exp. to 2048)*
Memory 64k flash Micro SD card Micro SD card
Zones/Scenes 1/99 5/99 5/99
Time/Calendar triggering option* option*
Buttons 3 13 3
Dry contact ports up to 16*

extension possibilities

Powered by, the SUNLITE interfaces can be upgraded to work with more DMX channels or another lighting software (e.g ESA Pro 2).

Do not hesitate to visit to discover the extensions possibilities for your SUNLITE interface.

*DMX channel extensions, full software mode, optional software and dry contact ports can be purchased online at The full documentation can be found here DMXSoft prices list.

**The SUT technology allows you to buy any software for any compatible interface! You can for instance purchase the Sunlite Suite 3 extension for your Daslight interface or the Lumidesk software for your SUNLITE interface.

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